Letzte Condensed

Inspired by the illustrious poster work of Hans Hillmann and in particular, Skelett Grotesk, a staple throughout Hillmann’s work. No matter the scenario, it seems to work so elegantly and when paired with the imagery, the characters really elevated Hillmann’s work.

From this I interpret the type from my persepctive, changing small details throughout and resulted in Letze Condensed, a homage to Skelett Grotesk.

The reference stems from René Clair’s ‘Das Letzte Wochenende’ which translates to ‘The Last Weekend’. Since entering the industry I’ve found weekends are the best time to further my drawing, therefore connecting the film’s reference to this typographic project. 

With the foundation of the project coming from the regular weight, a light and bold weight were developed with variable attributes to come.